Forgiving Fruit Torte UPDATE!

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I knew the recipe was from my mother's collection... but omgoodness I didn't know it came from this classy cookbook!  And I only now heard the full story, which I LOVELOVELOVE, so I'm sharing it with you

I. cannot. get. over. this. illustration.

I. cannot. get. over. this. illustration.

Lois Levine lived across the street from my mother in Hamden, Connecticut. She gave this self-published cookbook to her when my grandmother was ill and my mother was taking over the bulk of kitchen responsibilities.

Lois had co-written it with a Marian Burros, a Wellesley College classmate of hers, and--according to another neighbor, Mary Smith (the highest authority on these things)--produced the first editions in her basement.  All the technical hassles of food blogging seem quite breezy when compared to the previous option for people who loved sharing recipes and cared about formatting: typing, binding, and publishing books from their basements. Oy! 

The browning wisps of paper coming out of the top are carefully gathered clippings from Lois's food columns from The New Haven Register. The book later went on to be published commercially, and the co-author, Marian Burros went on to be a food editor at the NY Times.

How cool is that??